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    Our photo page

    Sander's Place

    This page will be updated Monthly, or whenever possible. 
      Last Updated:  04/24/2007

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    My status  

    04/24/2007:    Have been busy, and have now got two new pages:  a BLOG and a Photo page.
    02/18/2007:    Have finished the first versions of our wedding pages. (insiders will know where they are).
    01/07/2007:    For starteds Happy new year to all of you. Have decided to place some more photo's on my website, as well as place a copy of my thesis here.
    09/18/2006:    Added a number of nice pictures to the photo page.
    09/17/2006:    First update in quite a while.
    05/07/2006:    In the process of redesigning my Biography pages. Should be finished in about a week's time.
    04/17/2006:    First Update to my website since Moving to the London, UK. Added a new skype me button.
    01/15/2006:    Updated some info on the biography page.
    01/06/2006:    Seems that due to server issues the site has been down for over a week.  had to re-upload the entire site.
    12/21/2005:    Added a link to my friendster page, under 'linkspage'.
    12/01/2005:    Added some more pictures of old homes. (with thanks to Google Earth) Will in a while also add more data on my GF.
    11/28/2005:    Added a picture of my home, to the photo page.
    11/28/2005:    Updated the history page. Had 5718 hits.
    11/09/2005:    Not been able to update much lately, but will add some important facts soon, one of which is my Girlfriend. :-) Anyways, I've had 5672 hits thusfar.
    09/09/2005:    Added another new photo of me to the photo page. Had 5578 hits.

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    What information can be found where on this site? :

    • Main page    -   This is the main page. The page you are looking at right now
    • Biography     -  This is the page that contains general biographical information about me. This will shortly also get a part that is just like a journal.
    • PhotoPage    -   This page contains Photo's of me, in different situations.
    • References   -   Page that contains links to pages where I'm mentioned.
    • LinksPage    -   Page that contains links to pages that I consider to be of some use, or considered.
    • Documents   -   The place where I have placed some documents which I think might be of some use to others. Also contains some cases I made for some courses of my study.
    • Site History  -   Page that is kind of self-explanatory. It contains the history of this site.
    • Wallpapers   -   Page where I placed some photo's. These have been made to fit your desktop, so that you can use them as wallpaper.
    • Comments?  -    Page from which you can give me feedback on the site. you can also e-mail me at:
    • PGP page     -  Page that contains my PGP key, but also explains the use.
    • AW page      - Page that contains some info and images on ActiveWorlds, an community I used to be a member of.

    • Buiter Genealogy   -   Part of this site where my dad has placed the family history of the Buiter family.
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