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  • Welcome to 
    Sander's own Campaign Page.

    In January 2004 I've started my own campaign, so now I to am a DM. The campaign takes place in Halruaa, a Land in the Forgotten Realms. The game is played acording to the D&D 3.5 rules.
    A session by session overview will be given. Not all details will be given, but a general outline will be.

    A map of the travels of the party (updated on upto session 5), starting in Halagard.
    Press the session number to go to the appropriate session: Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, Session 4, Session 5, Session 6, Session 7, Session 8, Session 9, Session 10, Session 11, Session 12, Session 13, etc

    Session 1: (Monday 26 January 2004)
    During Session one All characters started of in Halagard, the former capital of Halruaa. 
    Belloq Tarashi (a LN Human Fighter, played by Paulus) arrived on a ship, and went to an inn, where he was told to get his sword peace tied. He went to the nearest guard post, where he had his sword peace tied (with a curse for if the tie was broken) by the guard's wizard. Upon returning to the inn (The Sorcerer's Apprentice), Belloq was met by a Jordain. He was requested to come to the mayor's house at 1500 hours.
    Bareris Hahpet (A LEHuman Necromancer, Played by Dennis) was at the local Red Wizards enclave. The same Jordain went here to request an adventuring wizard to come to the mayor's house at 1500 hours. Bareris was the lucky one, on the concession that there would be profit to be made on this mission.
    Belloq arrived first at the house, followed shortly by Bareris. They were led into the house by Mateo (the same Jordain who met them earlier). They were led up two flights of stairs where they were led into an audience hall. Here they met Tethost after a short wait. After the introductions were made, Tethost told the two adventurers about a mission he had for them. They were to retrieve 4 items from a tomb of one of his ancestors. They were to take along another person, whom Tethost wanted to no longer have in his house. They would all be rewarded nicely. The two adventurers agreed, and Olostin (A LN Jordain-bornMonk, played by Remco) was shown in. Once again introductions were in order. 
    Descriptions were given as to what they were to retrieve from the tomb, and they were told that they should bring the item's to Tethost's house in Halarahh once they had retrieved them. They were further told that they could make use of Tethost's library before going on their quest. Tethost left the room on other business, whilst the 3 adventurers were shown down one flight of stairs by Mateo, to go the the library.
    In the library Olostin Searched for some further info on his heritage, whilst Bareris searched for further info on the Tomb in the Akhkaur Swamp. Bareris Found a map here, on which the location was generally gevin, but not precisely. Olostin found some info on the Jordain-colleges and a map.
    After everyone was done in the library they rang a bell and Mateo apeared again. Mateo took them to the ground floor, where they were led into a side chamber. Here they were given complete discriptions of the item's and they were given some of the reward in advance. After this they set out on their journey towards the tomb.

    Whilst still traveling through town, towards the citygate, they came by a tree in which a starsnake lived. They attacked it and slaughtered it. Beraris took some spellcomponents from the body, and Olostin tried to climb the tree, but failed. Thsu Belloq had to shoot the nest from the tree, in which he found some guano. They continued their journey.
    Just outside the city gate, A mechant was trying to sell them some goods. Whilst Olostin was distracted, Belloq crept up behind the merchant and killed him. He then hid the body under the table. After trying to get all the items on display they noticed that most of them were in fact illusions, and only one Amulet was real, they took this and left.
    Further en route to the swamp they were attacked by some 'flying snakes', a 'boar', a 'deathfang', etc. From most creatures, bareris retrieved some spell components. after a couple of days travel they were camping quite near to the swamp where they rested.

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    Session 2: (Monday 16 February 2004)
    They party thus went to sleep. During the first watch, manned by Belloq, a beacon was discovered. he told this to the next man on watch, and thus the night passed. They next morning the party went further bowards the swamp, but after only 1 mile of travel they found a mushroom shaped stone, with on it the text "Guide Lodge & TIC 5 miles" pointing due east. The party decidet to follow these indications and after 4.5 miles of travel they saw a pillar in the distance. Upon reaching the Pillar and the lodge, Olostin and Beraris notice that the pillar was ancient and somehow magical. They deduced that this might have been the 'beacon' that was seen at night.
    Upon approaching the lodge the door was opened, and out came Tara (female Halfling Fighter/Ranger, based on cala graycastle, played by Jordy). Tara introduced herself as a guide, and after some negotiations, the party decided to hire her, since she knew the exact location of the tomb they were looking for. 
    Tara Led the party along the edge of the swamp, towards the place where the ghalager river left the swamp. This seemed the best place to cross the river, and they thus did. They then took a left turn, and followed the river, back into the swamp. After some time of traveling they noticed some ripples in the water, passing them. everyone prepared for combat, and from an entirely different place, a constrictor snake got out of the water. Whilst this was going on, a medium Water Elemental emerged out of the water, from the place where they had seen the ripples going. With some minor difficulty they beat the snake and the water elemental, to finally resume their journey. 
    Towards the end of the day, they reached the area of the tomb. They saw a hill with the ruins of a tomb on top of it. They entered the tomb, and saw that about 25 foot into the tomb a set of stairs went down, underground. They took the stairs after lighting their everburning torch, and lamp. The underground area consisted of a tunnel 35 ft. long (5 ft. wide), with in the last 5x5ft square a door leading to the right, and a narrowed tunnel leading on. The illumination of their lights showed that the narrowed part was 15 ft long(2.5ft. wide) after which it seemed to open up into a bigger room. They didn't as yet explore this room, but decided to try the door. Belloq took the doorknob in hand and started to turn it. Upon his turning the knob, a trapdoor opened beneath his feet. By means of a lucky reflexive roll to the side, Belloq didn't tumble into the pittrap, but landed in the narrowed bit of corridor. Whilst holding onto the walls with one hand, he slammed his Flaming Longsword into the door, to try and bash it open. With the help from Olostin, whom stood on the opposite side of the pittrap, they both battered the door down. But just before the last swing they both lost their balance and tumbled into the pit. :-)
    After climbing out, they went through the, now battered down, door. Behind the door was a 10 ft long tunnel which ended in the middle of the long side of a 20x25ft room. just to the right of the straight line of the corridor, but along the opposite wall they saw a chest. Belloq tried to open the chest, but got stuck on the chest. The chest turned out to be a Mimic. Combat once again erupted, with Belloq and Olostin standing in the room, and Bareris and Tara still standing in the long corridor. Both players hit the mimic, but got stuck, and were hit by the mimic. This went on for a while, whilst Bareris got into the 10 ft. corridor, and was unable to help much. Both Olostin and Belloq got hurt badly. Bareris was able to help the to combatants somewhat by using his wand of Cure Light Wounds (CLW) to heal some of their injuries. In the combat the mimic finally hit Belloq severely enough for him to start dying, but luckily shortly after, Olostin was able to kill the mimic with his light crossbow. 
    Bareris went into the room to investigate the room, whilst Tara bend over Belloq. Using his body to shield his actions from the other two characters, Tara stabbed her dagger into Belloq's throat, instantly killing him. Tara told the other party members that Belloq seemed beyond any help. They looked Belloq over, and saw no apparent other injuries beyond those dealt by the mimic. Bareris used his wand of CLW to try and heal Belloq. Seeing that this indeed had no effect, Belloq concluded that Tara had been right, Belloq had indeed died.
    Bareris and Olostin decided that they would need to recover from their injuries before being able to go on, through the rest of the underground part of the tomb. They returned to the surface, to rest. During the watch Tara had, she noticed a sound (fictive) out in the swamp. She went to Bareris, whom was then studying in his spellbook, and didn't seem to respond to her calls for attention. Tara got excited, and activated her 'Stone of Silence', and then jerked Bareris's spellbook from his hands. Bareris tried to shout to awake Olostin, but this didn't work due tot the area of silence. Combat ensued. Bareris and Tara got engaged in combat, where Bareris tried to keep his distance from Tara, so that he could use his spells against Tara. Shortly into the combat Olostin woke, due to all the movement about him. Olostin engaged Tara in Melee combat whilst Bareris tried to keep his distance, to support the fight with his spells. Bareris thought up an inventive use for one of his spells, by means of his 'Silent Image' wand he created an area of darkness around the two other combatants. Because Olostin was aware of Bareris's abilities he was able to ignore the spells effects, and thus fight a blinded Tara. Bareris and Olostin, due to teamwork, were thus able to fight off Tara. Once Tara was severely injured, she fled the field of battle, to fight another day.
    Bareris and Olostin went back to the camp fire, here they found Tara's backpack. They rumaged through it and found some items and a map and a note. (maybe these two will help them in their further adventures?)

    This is where the session ended.

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    Session 3: (Monday 8 March 2004)
    The party starts off at the ruines of the Tomb they had explored last time. Will they go back in and retrieve the items they were send to retrieve? Or will they flee from this perilous place? Whom knows, we will see on March the 8th 2004.
    Bareris and Olostin had retired to their campsite, on top of the hill, which contained Tethstin's Tomb. Olostin and Bareris took their separate watches. At around eight in the morning, during Bareris his watch, about 500 yards tot the east north-east of the campsite a (teleport) Flash was seen. Out of this Teleport Flash, Charindal (a Evil Human Cleric, played by Paulus) stumbled. After recovering his footing, Charindal activated an magic item, and dropped that on the ground, after which he ran towards the hill containing the tomb.
    In the meantime Bareris had awakened Olostin, because of the possibility of danger. Olostin then took up a defensive position, ahead of Bareris, to protect the wizard from any possible danger. Out in the distance Bareris noticed some movement from the north towards the site of the Teleport. He saw a Laraken move towards the site of the teleport, and start devouring the magic item which was active there, after which the Laraken moved off tot the south east.
    Meanwhile Charindal had gotten to the foot of the small hill, where he struck up a conversation with Olostin, and told him that he was on a mission in the name of Tethost. He gave Olostin a note, directed to Bareris, telling the party of the foreseen danger of a double agent in the ranks of Tethost's servants, and thus the need for caution, and the need for them to keep a sharp eye out for a female agent of one of Tethost's enemies, whom might try to infiltrate the party. Tethost thus sent a cleric to supplement the party's lack of healers.
    After some deliberation on the parts of Bareris and Olostin, Charindal was allowed to join them, but he had to prove his worth. The party set up watches once again, and recovered up to their full health. During the eighth hour of these watches,  a set of three flying snakes was seen approaching the site, and Charindal was to dispatch of these nuisances. Charindal was easily able to dispatch these nuisances, and the party took an extra hour of rest, before they were ready to once again enter the Tomb, in which one of their comrades had died.
    Their first goal was to collect the Sword of Belloq, which had been thrown into the pit, together with the body of Belloq. This seemed a greatly powerful sword, and might be useful in their adventures. Upon approaching the pit, Olostin accidentally his a switch with his foot, and a grating sound could be heard from the pit. Upon looking in the pit, Olostin and Charindal saw that the floor of the pit had sunk an additional 10 ft., revealing a side entrance. From this side entrance some creatures scurried about on the floor, and started nibbling on the body of Belloq. After some discussion, about how they were gonna retrieve the sword, it was decided that Charindal would go and get it. He jumped in, and partly flattened on of the creatures. The Creatures were little Broodlings (Descendants from Kython, described in the 'Book of Vile Darkness' on page 178-179) Upon noticing a fresh prey the broodlings started attacking Charindal.
    Charindal was quickly overcome by the 5 broodlings, and was dying within an instant. The only thing that saved him now from total death was a godly intervention, which granted him the effects of a cure spell. Charindal was once again amongst the living, but kept up the pretense that he was down. At this point Bareris and Olostin started firing into the pit with crosbow bolts and such, to try to drive of the broodlings. Once they noticed this the broodlings started dragging the body of Belloq towards the side entrance, to safeguard their food. 
    Once Charindal noticed that the Broodlings started to move of he got up again, and advanced towards them. He started smashing their skulls in, and using the occasional inflict wounds spell. At this time Olostin joined Charindal in the pit and together they butchered the broodlings in their lair. In the lair the adventurers found a skeleton of a monk, which still wore a monk's belt. This belt was given to Olostin. Furthermore three eggs were found, presumably broodling eggs, these were taken and given to Bareris. And to top of the pie, 16,000 silver pieces were found. Charindal gathered these in the remains of the monks clothes, and dragged this towards the bottom of the pit. After finally getting Belloq's sword, as had been their plan, all adventurers left the pit, and went tot the room at the side of the pit, to make camp here, and rest. 
    After everyone had recovered sufficiently from their injuries the party got up, and went about exploring the rest of the dungeon. Leaving this room, and taking a right turn, over the it, they went through a narrow passage 15 feet long, and they came in a big chamber. Olostin and Charindal led the way, and once they entered the rom they heard some scuffling sounds. Looking about the room, they didn't at first see anything, but shortly a creature moved forward from around a corner. This creature was w rustmonster, which immediately attacked Charindal, and hit his armor which then crumbled into dust. Following this Charindal tried to hit the creature with Belloq's flaming longsword. The sword dealt damage to the rustmonster, but then the sword also crumbled into dust. Not to much later the party had been able to dispatch the rustmonster. 
    After this encounter the party started searching the room. A summoning circle was found in the north west corner of the room. There were no further exits to be found. Careful examination of the room revealed a loose stone, behind which Charindal found a statue (one of the four items that Tethost had send the party to retrieve). Olostin also found a loose stone in the wall behind which he found two rings (one of which was also a ring that they had to retrieve for Tethost), the second ring was later to be identified by Bareris, and turned out tot be a ring of regeneration. In the hole with the two rings a note was also found. The note stated that the remains of Tethstin had been moved to the old house in the Halar hills. The note was written in Dambrath, and was signed by Bhaelros, and further stated that Bhaelros was to be met in Delzimmer. 
    The party once again went tot the room at the side of the pit. Where they once again rested. During this rest period, they party once again heard a grating sound from the pit, but is seemed to be heavier this time, than it had been earlier. When the sound was investigated, it was noticed that the floor of the pit had risen 5 ft., it was reasoned that due to the high weight in silver resting on the floor of the pit, the floor was not able to rise to it's original position.
    After finishing their rest, the party set out to leave the swamp, and go toward the Halar hills. On their trip out of the Swamp nothing was encountered, but for a snake which didn't bother the party. Following the map that they had taken of Tara, the party set course for the Halar hills, allong th outskirts of the swamp. Some time was spend traveling and resting, intermittendly. They reached the foothills leading to the Halar Hills and traveld through it for a couple of hours. At aroudn 1500 hours the party saw a stag on another hill, and within an instant the stag was attacked by a giant spider, which appeared out of nowhere. The spider blinked away and attacked once again. The party members recognized this spider to be a phase-spider. They saw how the spider killed the stag, and how he started devouring the stag. The party moved towards this site. Bareris cast 'Spectral Hand' and then had the hand confer a 'Ghoul Touch' spell onto the phase-spider. The spider was paralyzed, and thus was easilly killed with a coup-de-grace. Bareris gathered some spell components from the body of the spider, and then the party moved on.
    At around 1700 hours the party reached a hill from which they were able to see 'the old house', standing at the foot of a cliff. and this is where the session ended.
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    Session 4: (Monday April 5th 2004)
     During the night the people who were on watch noticed a light, near the house. In the morning the party members went to investigate, and found Baggy (a female Half-Orc Fighter, played by Johanna), whom was camping there. She explained what she was doing there, and wanted to join the party to kill some beasties.
    By this time the clouds which had been gathering in the sky started to leg go of their load, and it started raining. Not ordinairy rain, but Violet Rain (BOVD page 34) which nullified all Divine magic for the next 24 hours, thus leaving the party without a functioning cleric.
    She was allowed to join, and fled towards the house to get away from the rain. They searched the first couple of rooms, without finding too much. They only found a 'Basket of Delights', a couple of gems (hidden at the bottom of a fountain). A locked door was also found. During the search here, the Broodling eggs (which Bareris had put in his backpack) started maturing. The search continued. Some more money was found, until the finally came to the door which led to the little tower of the house. Baggy tried to open the left door (of the double doors to the tower), and found that the door wouldn't budge. She tried the other door, and this one opened, to reveal the the tower was packed with Skeletons, which immediately tried to attack the party. Unluckily for the first few, a 'anti-magic curtain' was hanging in front of that door, and they crumble into piles of bones. But by this time, the leading undead ordered the skeletons to open the other door, and a nice little battle ensued.
    The party suffered a number of big and small blows, but were finally able to overcome the undead. Some of the party had been seriously hit, and the party was able to use their wand of 'Cure Light Wounds' to overcome the most of them.
    The party searched the bodies of the skeletons, and found some mighty fine items. A fantastically nice Breastplate, and a Full plate armor ( 'Armor of the Dread Emperor" BOVD page 111). 
    After this encounter the party rested a little, and then went on their way again. The last remaining part of the house unsearched was behind the locked door. Bareris was unable to open the door with his magics (due to an arcane lock on the door), and thus baggy started to smash the door in. After a while, and a great number of mighty swings with her mighty Great sword, she was able to destroy the door and give the party a way into the rest of the house. They started into this part, and found a small passage leading into the mountainside. They entered this passage, and they saw a flickering ahead. Baggy found that this was due to the Torches held in their holders, near a small alcove filled with Bookcases. Baggy searched the bookcases and found a number of interesting books. by this time Bareris had joined her, and he now noticed something awry with his backpack. When he opened it, out came 3 freshly born broodling (which had fed of part of his spellbook). 
    A new encounter ensued, and the party now had to battle the freshly born broodlings. Bareris was hit a couple of times, but due to the strength of amongst others Baggy they were able to overcome the broodlings. Bareris was infuriated with he broodlings, because of the loss of some of his spells from his spellbook.
    Bareris then looked the books over, which were held in the bookcase, and found a book which he believed had once been his. He was unsure how this book had come to be here, but he was convinced that it had been his. It looked like a very nice spellbook. He took it allong. 
    After getiing some more healing, the party went further along the passage, to finally after a long track through the passage, emerge on a ledge. Here another number of rooms was found. A kithchen like room, was searched and a number of potions was found. Upon further searching the rooms the required other ring was found, and even some more money. 
    In a side room, with a pond baggy saw something like a scroll. the scroll seemed to be leaking blood, which had filled the pond with blood aswell. Baggy went back to the rest of the party, who were waiting in the previous chamber (they apparently didn't want to go near the pool of blood). Baggy told them about the scroll, and Bareris then said that this might be just the scroll they needed. So Baggy went back to get it, together with Bareris. The blood-leaking scroll was given to Bareris, whom tried to discern what kind of scroll it was. after a while of studying the scroll, he discovered that it was a scroll of Summon blood elemental (this is a special variant which also works for Wiz/Sor Level 6).
    Now that the Final item for their quest had been retrieved the party sat about returning them to Tethost. After some deliberation the fastest course towards Halarahh was decided upon, and the party went on their trip towards Halarahh. After a couple of uneventfull days of travel the party reached a hill near Halarahh, where they made camp, and they were to wait till the next morning before going into the city.
    This is where the Session ended, and more adventures were to be had in the next Session.
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    Session 5: (Monday April 19th 2004)
    After resting the night on the hill the party looked closer at the city. They saw that a road, which ran along the foot of their hill, went towards the north gate of the city. Before the gate they saw a collection of small stalls (market stalls) where vendors seemed to be selling stuff. Furthermore they saw a guard house outside the city gates. Allong the road they saw the ocasional early traveler, or the ocasional farmer with cart bringing fresh produce to the city. At some point during the trip towards Halarahh, Olostin had given all his magical items to Bareris, since he felt that his mental energies seemed to be drained by their use (this was due to them being shadow-weave items).
    They party went down the hill and followed the road towards the city. They were passed by a farmer with cart twice before they reached the city. During this trip towards the city gate, Bareris told Charindal and Baggy about the peace-tie custom that prevailed in Halruaaan cities, and that they would have to have their weapons peace-tied at the guard-post. He also told them that Tethost migh be able to get around these peace-ties, and be able to remove them without notice.
    When the party was pretty near the stalls, the merchants called to them to sell them items, and produce. In the distance, just outside the guard-post, they saw a contingent of 5 soldier in shining breastplates patrolling, and policing. The party ignored the merchants, and went to the guard-post. they asked the soldiers about getting a peace-tie, but they were refered incide. Thus they went incide, where they entered an enclosed 'visitors' area, at the head of which they saw a desk at which an officer sat, and to the sides they saw a number of other desks, where some 4 were working. Upon their entry 3 of the 4 wizards got up from their desk, whilst the eldest remained seated. The 3 wizards eyed them sternly.
    The party aproached the desk at the head of the enclosed area, and asked the officer about getting peace-ties on their weapons. They were told that it would cost them some 50 Gp per weapon. Charindal and Baggy were surprised at the high price, but payed anyways.  They were told that they could have the ties removed when they left the city, or at least the area within the city  walls. Baggy's and Charindal's weapons were taken, and were handed over to the eldest wizard. The wizard cast a number of spells on the swords, Bareris was able knowledgable enough in spellcraft to recognize most of the spells, he recognized a spell which seemed to be 'bestow curse' but was much more powerfull, furthermore he recognized the 'Polymorph other' spell. Bareris told his friends about the power of the spells being used, and told them that they seemed more powerfull than the spells used on their weapons in Halagard.
    After the weapons were peace-tied, the other 3 wizards confronted the party about the killing of a merchant in Halagard, by Belloq. The whereabouts of Belloq were asked for. Since Belloq had died some time earlier they were only able to tell them about Belloq's untimely death. They were then told that an eye would be kept upon them, and that the slightest infraction would bring the the guards down on them. The weapons were returned to Baggy and Charindal.
    After this Bareris asked for the directions to the house of Tethost, mayor of Halagard. The party was told that the guards knew several Tethosts, it was a common name, and that the mayor of Halagard was Bassel Indoulur and not some Tethost character. With some confusion on their minds the party left the guard-post and entered the city. At this time, Olostin recalled that he had been given instructions on how to get to Tethosts house in Halarahh. and they followed these to come to a grand wizards tower. On the way there the passed a guard-barracks (just inside the city gates), and they also saw a bunch of children playing with 'dancing light' spells. When they reached the tower they saw Tethost's Flying-ship besides on of the spires of the Tower.

    A map of Hallarah.

    They knocked at the door, and a small window in the door was opened. They were asked what they wanted, and upon telling about they mission for Tethost the door was opened by a jordain. Mateo was summoned by the jordain, whilst the party was told to wait. The party noticed that the tower seemed to be cooled to the point of being chilly, some kind of magical airconditioning seemed to be at work. Mateo came down, and asked them if they had been succesfull. They had indeed been and asked to be taken to Tethost. Mateo said that they were first to hand the items to him, and they would receive payment. Bareris made a fuss about this, but ultimately relented and the items were handed to Mateo. Mateo asked if Olostin would help him carry the items towards the side-chamber and get the payment. Olostin helped.
    All items were recognized and put into a dimensional portal, which was in a wall of the chamber. Mateo asked Olostin to take one of the items to Tethost in person. Mateo meanwhilst walked to the desk in the room ( the only other piece of furnature there) and opened a drawer in it. From this he retrieved a pouch filled with coins. From another drawer he retrieved 4 magical rings. The payment of the coins and rings were handed over, and they went back to the main room where the rest of the party was waiting. The payment was shown to the rest of the party, and was deemed satisfactory. When the party asked about having the peace ties removed, Mateo answered that that wouldn't be possible in Halarahh since the guards didn't seem to have any gauntlets amongst them.
    Mateo told the party to follow him, whilst he would lead them to Tethost. The party followed Mateo up the stairs (which lined the walls of the tower), to almost the top of the tower. Here Mateo knocked on a door and opened it, to reveal a large reception room (the party deduced that this would never fit within the tower at the curent height, and that it would have to be a dimensional door they were stepping through).
    In the room they saw a bunch of children practicing with some spells. At the other end of the hall a great seat was placed on which Tehost sat in contemplation of future deeds. Mateo led the party to the dais on which Tethost was seated. Tethost greeted the party, and asked the party if they had indeed succeeded in retrieving all items. At this point Mateo told him that all items had been stored, but that Olostin had one of the items to present in person. Tethost took the statue from Olostin, when he presented it, and admired the image of his ancestor. Tethost asked if any problems had been encountered. He was then told of the untimely death of Belloq, by the hands of Tarra. He was also told of the not left there which refered to Presmer Avhoste. Tethost was surprised at the boldness of his competitor, but didn't show it, he told the party that Avhoste was one of his competitors. 
    Bareris asked Tethost about the claim of the guards, that he wasn't the mayor of Halagard. Tethost confirmes that the guards thought that that was true, but not everything is as it seems. The guards don't know all, and Bassel might think himself to be mayor, but in truth he isn't.
    Bareris told Tethost that they had retrieved another item on their travels, and that they would like to present it to him. Bareris then retrieved the painting of Tethstin from his backpack, and presented it to Tethost. Tethost was happily surprised, and asked Mateo to retrieve some money for him. When Mateo returned Bareris was rewarded, and Mateo was told to hang the painting next to the painting of Tethost's aunt, the Lady Tathlara Amestia. Mateo parted a curtain and hung the painting in one of the empty painting sills that hung there, besides Tethost's aunt's painting.  After this feat Mateo stood there mesmerized by the painting of Tathlara, and was oblivious of the happenings around him. The rest of the party stared at the painting for a short while, but didn't seem to be so affected a Mateo had been.
    Bareris was asked to stay for a minute more, whilst the rest of the party descended the stairs again. Tethost told Bareris that he was no longer satisfied with Olostin, and would like to have him brought under his sway (or at least he would like to see Olostin wearing a slave ring). Tethost showed Bareris his Master-Ring (BOVD) and told him that he would be able to control the bearer of the slavering. A reward of 1500 PP was to be awarded for this deed, if it were to be done fast. 
    Thus informed Bareris went down to join the party. They were taken to another side room, where they were given some extra stuff. In this room they saw a sign of Shar on the inside of the door, upon seeing this Olostin immediately left the room. The party asked for a place to sell their magic items. Mateo told them about a minor wizard, whom was growing quickly, by the name of Chand Zorameril. He explained how the party could get to the tower.

    The party left Tethost's tower, and went towards the Zorameril tower, which was near the east end of the docks. The tower appeared to be pretty small compared to Tethost's tower, the door of the tower was only 2'8" tall. Determined they knocked on the door, upon which they were asked what they wanted. Upon mentioning their need to trade, and Tethost's name they were allowed to enter. Bareris approached the door, and 'as if' by magic he shrank to less than half his regular size, and was able to enter. Charindal and Baggy followed, but when Olostin tried to follow he was stopped by his magic resistance (he wouldn't shrink and wouldn't fit). The three party members entered a reception area, where Chand asked what kind of trading was wanted. Bareris explained his needs. Chand then told them that he would deal with Bareris in private. The two others were shown in a luxuriously decorated side room, where a pitcher of wine was waiting for them, besides some fruit, they would be able to entertain themselves there.
    Bareris started some negotiations with Chand on the prices for the items he was selling, and the identification of the items. Meanwhile Olostin was waiting outside, and had some money thrown to him by a beautiful lady, who saw him for a beggar (poor guy!!). After some time of waiting/negotiating the members were assaulted by an enchantment (from the  painting of Lady Tathlara), which caused those people that were affected to become incredibly aroused. This caused Baggy and Charindal to practically jump each other. :-) Some hours later, still during the negotiations/waiting, they were again assaulted by the enchantment. Only Baggy and Charindal succumbed to the effects, and once again had a lovely bout of lovemaking (or should I say they humped till they dropped!).
    After selling a number of the items to Chand, and buying some new scrolls for use in his spellbook, Bareris was shown a crystal ball, in this crystal ball the show being performed in the side room, by Charindal and Baggy, was visible. Chand found it rather amusing that his friends seemed to be so intimate with each other, he hadn't often seen a Half-Orc do it with a Human. Because Chand had not been able to buy all items from him, Bareris asked if he knwo a good place to sell the other items. Chand Asked if he was looking for a punt (a slang word for smuggler), to which bareris asked what a punt might be. Chand explained and told him about a  punt in the smuggler's area of the city. Anyway, Bareris got a discount on some of the scrolls for being such a good customer, and was asked to come again soon. 
    Bareris asked for a good in in the area, to which Chand asked 'Good in what class?'. When he was told that it would have to be a great place, he referred them to the 'Beltpouch Inn', located at the palis Square (the square on which the palace of the king is located).  Upon entering the inn, they noticed that it was quite richly decorated. approaching the counter, they saw a obese person standing behind it, whom was then identified as the proprietor of the establishment. When they asked for 2 of his top rooms, they were told that that would be no problem if they had enough money. The proprietor summoned a couple of 'unseen servants' and they were guided up the 'levitation shafts' to be shown to their 2 rooms on the 3rd floor. The rooms turned out to be luxuriously suits with side chambers and all. quite a nice set of room. Bareris had also been told about the messaging stones, which were in each of the rooms, through which communication to the frontdesk was possible.
    Unluckily for some of the party members, they once again suffered from the effects of the enchantment, whilst they were in their rooms, and thus Baggy and Charindal once again went at it, humping like bunnies. Bareris only got aroused, but was able to mentally focus on other stuff. Anyway, the party members discussed that they would visit the other shop in a couple of days, but first Bareris needed to study the scrolls that he had bought, and copy them to his spellbook. Food was ordered through use of the message stones, and it magically appeared under domes on the table in the center in the room.
    After a couple of days the message stones in the room started displaying light shows (the phone was ringing), and bareris answered. He was told that a person was there to seen them, by the name of Mateo. After Mateo was allowed up, he shortly appeared at the door to the room of Bareris. Bareris was told that Tethost had made a mistake, and that the reward was in fact 10 times as big (thus 15000 PP), and that he wanted Olostin in any possible way. He told Mateo that he would deal with it, after which Mateo was shown to the door. 

    Bareris joined the rest of the party in the other room, and told them about the reward that had been placed on on of their numbers heads. They decided that they wouldn't go into the offer. But unknown to the party, a assassin had already joined them in their room (with improved invisibility). And before they had any idea anything was happening, they saw that Olostin was hit from behind, and sank to his knees, clutching his heart. He had been struck by the 'Stop Heart' spell (BOVD). before the party members could respond to this, they heard a teleport spell being spoken, and the outlines of a small man appeared, partly crouching over Olostin's body. and they both winked away, with a teleport whoosh. in the air where they had been, a piece of paper was now twirling down. The note read: "THanks for the reward, Presmer Avhoste".
    The party was angry at Tethost, because they thought that he had been behind the assassination. The party went downstairs and confronted the proprietor of the inn, whom asked them to follow him into his office. The proprietor asked them if they would keep quite about what happened, the party would only do this if he would find this Presmer Avhoste character. The proprietor was given 24 hours to find more info.
    After about 23 hours the party was called to the proprietors office again, and he told them that Chand Zorameril knew some more about Presmer, because Chand had some more contacts with the underground because of his trading activities. The proprietor had arranged that Chand would aid them, and that the bill would be send to him. Furthermore the party would be able to stay at the in for 2 weeks for free, instead of paying the regular 150 Gp per room per night. Furthermore, at future visits they would get preferential treatment, and get a 50 % discount on their rooms. The party agreed to keep quite about about what had transpired at the inn, and then set on their way towards the Zorameril tower.
    The party was able to reach the tower without incident, and they were allowed to enter. Chand explained what he had found, and told them that to get even more info on Presmer, that they would have to go to the tower of 'Goldmine', whom seems to be an agent of Presmer, and might be able to tell them more. Chand told them that they would be welcome for trade any time. And the party set out on their way to 'Goldmine' tower.
    When they left the eastern city gates on their way to 'Goldmine' tower, they had the peace ties removed from their weapons at the local guard station. Walking to the less prosperous areas of town, the were able to reach the 'Goldmine' tower. After knocking at the door, a voice from inside responded 'What do you want?'. They knocked again, and told him that they wanted to talk, about Presmer. 'Goldmine' told them to go away. At this point Baggy started bashing the door to try to open it by force. In responce to this they heard a spell being spoken in the tower ( Hold Person), and baggy was held in place by the spell. The voice from inside told them to stop bothering him, when they told him they only wanted to talk, the door opened and they were led into a small passage behind the door. The spell on Baggy had been canceled, so that she to would be able to follow. The passage was lined with slits, behind which they saw archers. 'Goldmine' asked them if they had any little boys for them, to which they responded that they only wanted info on Presmer. 'Goldmine' was disappointed, since he hadn't had any little boys for a while. 
    He told them that they Should check out the 'Bloody Blade' inn, located at the smuggler's docks. He gave them directions, and told them that Presmer was from Delzimmer, but from time to time he came to the Bloody Blade.

    The party started towards the Bloody Blade inn. The road towards the in, was pretty lousy, the sides were littered, and the roads were never straight. From time to time Bareris felt the absence of the Weave, they passed through several dead-magic areas, left over from the time of troubles.
    Upon finally reaching the inn they entered. In the inn they saw several tables with people sitting around, on one of the tables a group of people were gambling. Amongst the gamblers was Lucky(Human Swashbuckler/Rogue, played by Remco), whom seemed to be winning big. The party took a table in the corner. From the gambler's table they heard a shout, "You should be so Lucky".
    They got some drinks, and whilst sitting there, they were lucky enough to overhear a conversation at the table next to them, where some thugs were discussing how their leader had been successful at a mission, and was able to get a great reward. a certain remark stood out: "sometimes it is good fortune to be a knife".
    Bareris turned over the table of the gambelers, because he thought that they worked for Presmer Avhoste, and he also wanted to have a 'reason' to kill them. After the gambling table had been overthrown, the remaining gamblers attacked. Meanwhile Lucky had retreated to a far corner.
    A fight ensued between the bar visitors and the party. Baggy was able to use her sword to great effect. After some seconds some of the visitors transformed into WereRats. The fight continued and some of the visitors were killed. Bareris cast a fly spell on himself, to that he would be above the fighting. Bareris retreated outside, whilst the rest of the visitors also transformed, and the rats form the inn started attacking the party to. Most rats were soon dispatched, but in the fight on of the wererats was able to bite Baggy. One of the rats had tried to attack Lucky but he was able to dispatch it, he kept to the side of the fighting again. Meanwhile Bareris saw that the way was clear and he then cast a Fireball spell to dispatch the last three WereRats. He reentered the inn.
    Lucky went to pick up his, and the other gamblers, money which had fallen on the ground at the gambling table. The party confronted Lucky now, whom immediately dropped his weapons, but despite this they still struck at him. (Did they think him to be with the wererats?) Anyway, with this confrontation the session ended.

    To Be Finished!

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    Session 6: (Monday May 17th 2004)
    What will The party do to Lucky? 
    Will the guild react to the slaying of some of its members? 
    Will Bareris be punished for using a Fireball in the inn?
    Will Presmer Avhoste be found? Or will he strike again, and slay another party member?
    Will the party need to fight their way out of the 'bloody blade' inn?

    Maybe they should learn some more Slang?:

    • Punt = Smuggler
    • Squimp = someone who doublecrosses the guild.
    • Watcher = someone posted to observe something or someone
    • Visitor = Burglar
    • Gutter = Dealer in stolen goods
    • Knife = Assasin / Hired killer
    • Capper = someone whom frequents brothels
    • Client = Person who had an obligation or agreeement with a thief
    • Thief = leader of a criminal group
    • Goldmine = Somehone whom prefers boys
    • Blood money = payment for assasination
    • Counter = whore
    • Grandmother = Pimp
    • Heavies = important people
    • Kin = a thief's clostest and most trusted
    • Messanger = thug who delivers of carries out a threat
    • Gauntlet = a guard who is bribable
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    Session 7: (Monday May 31st 2004)
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    Session 8: (Monday June 28th 2004)

    Session 9:  (monday July 19th 2004)
    This session Started off where the last session left off. The party was still standing at the campground, where they had slaughtered the Red Wizard caravan, and then had been confronted by a cormyran trade caravan led by the Paladin/Purple dragon knight Azoun (jordy). Bareris's body still lay on the ground at the spot where Azoun had slain him, and nearby lay Azoun's own body who had been slain by the rest of the party.
    At the start of the session the party started by pilling up the bodies of all the henchmen of the red wizards, and the henchmen of Azoun. The bodies were dumped in one of the carts. Whilst they were busy Lucky heard some scuffling in one of Azoun's wagons, upon approaching the wagon, out popped Oloma Zorastryl (a Psion played by Dennis). Lucky asked what he did, and he was told that Oloma had been captured and drugged, and had only just been able to free himself of his bonds. After some introductions, and further cleaning up of the camp, Oloma asked if he could tag along towards Achelar (he had a mission of his own to perform there).
    They jointly traveled on through Salthanter and Edouura, on their way to Achelar. After just leaving the old camp site and having set the wagon with bodies a blaze, a rain of Nettles started. The horses were severely injured by the rain of nettles, and Lucky and Baggi had to flee into the wagon to prevent severe injury. When the rain had abated, they had to administer some healin to the horses before continuing their journey. When they were just about to continue they journey, lucky noticed some movement close byupon investigating it closer, they noticed that a Tendriculoses was growing amongst the vines and sprouts, which had appeared after the 'rain'. A battle with teh Tendriculoses ensued, and the creature was slain after a few tense moments of fighting.

    Session 10: (Monday august 9th 2004)
    a new player will join the Game: Koen

    Session 11:
    Koen played this session to, and then left because he had too much to do with his work. His character dissapeared with a great part of the Party's money.

    In this session Lucky and Charindal were captured by someone in the house of Lady Tathlara.
    This left Oloma as the only PC who was walking around free. Two Assosiates of Lucky came by, and offered to help rescue Lucky and Charindal. It were the Brothers Vultivor and Lorveck, friends of Lucky's from long long ago. During their rescue attempt they encountered 2 Red Slaad and 5 Ethereal Filcher Rogues. The rescue attempt was twarted by these, and Vultivor was captured. Lorveck and Oloma retreated in disgrace.



    Session 12: (Monday November 1st 2004)
    We started off were we had left previous time. Lorveck and Oloma had retreated back towards the inn. Here Oloma asked if Lorveck (played by Paulus)could arrange for some healing. Lorveck knew that the bartender was a member of his thieving guild, and asked that he arrange for a healing potion. it took him about 15 minutes to get the potion, and he then gave it to Vultivor. He then returned to Oloma, who drank it, and he felt much more envigorated than he had expected to be from a simple healing potion. It appeared that it was not a simple healing potion, but in fact a potion of Heal, which had the unexpected sideeffect of restoring his Psionic points to their fullest.
    Vultivor Explained to Oloma that he expected his employer to come to town that very day, and that he might in fact be inclined to offer aid in the rescue of his brother, and Oloma's friends.


    Session 13: (Monday November 22nd 2004)



    made by: Sander Buiter
    copyright © Sander Buiter, 2003-2004